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Aus Property Investment Group was first named Asiaustralia, which mainly focuses on Asian investor services. It entered the property industry since 2009, targeting Asian markets. After only one year, it became one of the biggest Asian-Oriented Australia based property company. Till the year 2012, it has established five branches in China. In the year 2013, it merged Aus Property Online and Jiayuan (Yinyi) property investment, starting online and socialization-based property sales strategy. Later in the same year, it was acquired by external investors and joined the Garden City Group.

Aus Property Investment Group is a multi-faceted property group that focuses on delivering innovative and high quality residential and commercial property solutions around Melbourne. With successes in commercial, land subdivision and apartment developments, the company’s core competency lies in its ability to purchase inner-city commercial or industrial sites and develop them into desirable residential apartments.


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Aus Property Investment Group, Garden City Group Projects and Sinovation Ventures (AU)

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The Biggest Asian-Oriented Australia based property company